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Research in Teams at BIRS in 2016

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
16rit672 Multi-Banach Algebras and Fourier Algebras 02/14/2016 02/21/2016
16rit683 Metastring Theory and Generalized Geometries 03/20/2016 03/27/2016
16rit674 Random Partitions and Bayesian Nonparametrics 04/17/2016 04/24/2016
16rit690 Gorenstein Homological Algebra 05/22/2016 05/29/2016
16rit691 New Applications of Menger Curvature to Complex Analysis 07/10/2016 07/17/2016
16rit675 Dynamics in Applied Functional Differential Equations 07/24/2016 07/31/2016
16rit692 New Examples of Almost Non-Negative Curvature 07/31/2016 08/07/2016
16rit684 Bivariate Orthogonal Polynomials and Eigenvalues of Hankel Matrices 08/28/2016 09/04/2016
16rit688 Ergodicity in Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Applications in Turbulent Geophysical Flows 10/15/2016 10/22/2016

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